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Campaign for signatures "Algarrobico Hotel: demolition now"

In Easter Week 2007 will start the collection of signatures to request the demolition of the Hotel El Algarrobico.

It is a campaign organized by the Asociación de Amigos del Parque Natural Cabo de Gata-Ecologistias en Acción. The object of this action is to remind the administrations involved that the citizens wish to see the law enforced, and therefore, observe how the hotel El Algarrobico is completely demolished.

Campaña en:
français - deutsch - español

Download in PDF:

> Page for signing

> Campaign text

> Situation in El Algarrobico

This illegal hotel is an aggression against a Natural Park, which is also a Reserve of the Biosphere and a Place of Community Interest of the European Union (amongst other denominations of protection). We are talking about a patrimony of all Spaniards but also of all Europeans and of all the inhabitants of this planet and all have the chance of signing

¿What can you do?

You might download a page for signing (PDF), print and sign it, and colect signatures around you. You may also resend it to your friends to spread the campaign.

The pages with the signatures have to be sent by post to our post office box so that we can compile them and send them to the administrations.

Amigos del Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata-Níjar
Apartado de correos nš 667,
04080 Almería, España


In the web you will also find translations in spanish, french and german.
You may also download the campaign text (PDF) and an information text about
The situation in El Algarrobico (PDF).

Why a campaign for signatures?

The courts of Almería stopped the construction in February of 2006 and the President of of the Region of Andalucia himself, Manuel Chaves, announced along with Fuensanta Coves, (the advisor on Environment), that the Junta de Andalucia was planning to use its privilege of “prior right of purchase”, that is, to buy the land, and later demolish the hotel. Many citizens who had followed the development of this scandal in the press even thought that the process of demolition had begun.

But for the moment there is nothing…The hotel continues in place with its four cranes installed, prepared to continue the construction and finish the job as soon as there is a favourable sentence.

And what is worse, we can observe tremendous confusion in the administrations which cast doubt as to their real intentions. That is, we see the Junta de Andalucía requesting in the courts, in the same manner as the Town Council of Carboneras and also the contractor Azata, that the boundaries of the coast protection zone be reduced from 100 meters to 50 meters, thereby saving the greater part of the hotel !!! Also, none of the Administrations recognizes publicly that the hotel is built right in the middle of a space protected by the current PORN of the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata, as shown by the maps.

And meanwhile, months are passing by, and the seasons, and the first year since the construction was stopped…The subject progressively disappears from the press… However, we have not forgotten and we wish to demonstrate to the administrations that our fellow citizens have not forgotten either.

> "The situation in El Algarrobico"
information text with photos and maps, published in El Eco del Parque