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Campaign of public objections to the PORN


Shortly, the regulations for the protection and development of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park (PORN, PRUG y PDS) will be revised. The text of the project is very worrying for the future of the Natural Park.

The definitive Plan will be published by the Junta de Andalucía in the BOJA. From that date a period of 30 days opens, during which any citizen or association can make their representation.

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Future of the Natural Park
El futuro del Parque Natural

Le futur du Parc Naturel
Die Zukunft des Naturparks


Amigos del Parque (Friends of the Park) are going to undertake a campaign of public objections to the PORN and PRUG as soon as they are published in the BOJA (Official Bulletin of the Andalusian Government). These appeals can be lodged by any Spanish citizen or foreigner, regardless of where they live.

The representations must be presented within 30 days of the publication in the BOJA, i.e., they need to be prepared for a rapid response.

We will distribute a type form listing the most important allegations so that as many people as possible can sign them. The more allegations that are presented, the more pressure can be brought to bear to prepare a more coherent set of regulations.

¿What can you do?

Send us your e-mail address and we will return, by e-mail, the type form for making representations in a PDF format.

Send it off, or photocopy it to distribute to those people you think may be interested to increase the reach of the campaign.

If you decide to participate, sign the document and send it by post to:
Amigos del Parque. Apdo de correo nš667. 04080 Almería. Spain